20 years of full-service video production


Rusty Dyer launched DigiDyer Productions in 1997 in his home state, Connecticut, to build on the freelance career he grew in Washington, D.C. At DigiDyer’s foundation was a diverse portfolio of work in broadcast and corporate industrial TV, from small nonprofits to multinational corporations.


Rusty’s technical skills in design, motion graphics, shooting, lighting and editing, coupled with his creative and empathetic approach, are what keeps his clients coming back. As comfortable working with individuals as he is with global teams, he works with you on your vision and makes it his purpose to skillfully — and sometimes surprisingly — bring it to light.


Client testimonials:


"On a recent USAID project which was shot in Uganda, Rusty's skill not only as a fast, intuitive editor, but also a gifted graphic designer were abundantly clear. He added tremendous style and flair to the project. I totally trust his instincts and vision."

     - Geoffrey Mayo, Producer/Director, Liongate Films


“Rusty is a creative, thorough and talented producer, director and artist. The quality of DigiDyer’s work is at a higher level than many larger production companies I’ve worked with.”

      - Krista Watterworth, HGTV Host & Interior Designer, www.kristawatterworth.com


“Rusty, thanks for your amazing work with KickApps. Quality work, on time and under budget!”

     - Eric Alterman. Founder/Chairman KickApps Corporation


"I worked with Rusty Dyer for 10 years on a multitude of projects including websites, in-house films and major, nationally aired programs and would never think of using anyone else. He is a gifted artist. His use of color and innovative graphic design made every project, big or small, into a work of art. Rusty is a pleasure to work with, invariably professional, on time and on budget."

     - Lindsey Holaday. Office of Public Affairs, Yale University


"As a scriptwriter, I have worked with Rusty for over a decade on hundreds of projects for Fortune 10 companies, major universities and small non-profits. His talent as a designer is eclipsed only by his exquisite good taste. He develops the look and feel that perfectly complement what I have written."

     - Ken Devoe, President/Creative Director, The Media Tree, Inc. Hamden, CT

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